Cory’s Custom Cabinets has over 20 years of experience in what we do – which is take an ordinary space and make it an extraordinary space with our custom cabinets. With being family owned and operated, we really take pride in making our clients’ dreams become a reality. Very often we are told “well I’m not sure if you could do this, but here’s what I’m thinking…” The end result has been extremely happy customers and the feeling we get from our customer’s excitement is the reason we are in the business.

The thing that makes our job exciting is that every set of custom cabinets that we build are different from each other. Sure, every kitchen has a sink cutout, doors, and drawers, but when we get to add our custom flare and touch to the design, it allows our creative juices to flow and make for an end product we can take pride in. We will work with you to ensure to get the right look that you are trying to achieve. There are a lot of different handles, knobs and hinges that you can choose from. Our expertise is finding out what it is that you want, and incorporating your thoughts into exactly what you want.